Sunday, September 24, 2017

Twenty Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A

Land owner and tenants

for daily wage
for daily bread at
5 am, 9 am, noon
3 pm-MERCY
5 pm evening
God calls me throughout the day
to be faithful
He doesn't give me what is just
He gives all,
not withholding His Only Son
I grumble
He is generous
What a privilege to be
 a daughter of God
working with Him
in the Father's House
for His purposes
saving souls
Daily Laboring with Joy

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Twenty Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A

Unlimited Forgiveness

Peter (and I) think we are being
by offering to forgive 7 times
But Jesus re-does that 7 times math
to seventy seven
or seven times seven: unlimited
He's not only willing to
-let the debtor out of debtor prison
-not to make him sell all he owns
-but to forgive all
So to whom do I need to
extend THAT kind of forgiveness?
I want to jug tightly wrath and anger
but nourishing anger against another
will not bring ME healing from the Lord (Sir27:30)
Therefore, overlook faults
make excuses for others
make a decision of the will to forgive
as God wants to and will forgive me

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Twenty Third Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A

Jesus is with 2 or 3

Let's agree
to Pray
so our
Heavenly Father
will grant
our needs
Jesus is with us
2 or 3

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Twenty Second Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A

God's ways are not our ways

Peter rebuked Jesus
"God forbid, Lord"
as Jesus showed the disciples
God's own plan
that Jesus would "be killed
and on the third day be raised"
Peter's self protection
Jesus' self donation
Peter is thinking as a man
not God
The Paradox
to save life, lose it
to lose life, for Jesus, finds life
when we take up our cross,
give of ourselves
we follow Jesus
and "He will repay all
according to his conduct."