Sunday, September 8, 2013

Walking and Praying

Always on the look out for ways to increase and improve my prayer life, I am delighted to find the free Laudate App. At last something I really want to listen to early in the morning when its dark and I am out walking before the days begins.

I've had an iphone for a while, but didn't really want to listen to music on it and didn't know how the apps could work. So I am happy to share my new routine.

Laudate App
I start with "readings podcast from USCCB" and listen to the first reading, responsorial psalm and gospel for that day's mass.

Then I go to the "pray as you go podcast." This starts with bells ringing calling us to prayer, followed by a hymn. Then a meditation is lead that concerns the mass readings and leaves periods of silence to think over the point made or the question asked.

This app allows you to select the date you'd like to hear, so if it is a Saturday, I will often select the Sunday readings to prepare for the next day. 

Laudate main page
I have also enjoyed the "Pope Benedict reflections" by Leonardo Defilippis, of St. Luke Productions. I have to say that Pope Benedict's writings are advanced. But listening to them dramatically read by Defilippis helps me understand the important writings of our Holy Father Emeritus.

Then, if I have more than 30 minutes, I LOVE to turn on my Ignatius Press/Lighthouse Catholic Media bible App. The app is free so that you can read the entire bible, but I must say, the $20 I paid to "hear" all of the new testament dramatically read (Truth and Life Bible project) was well worth it.

The app also is a portal to all the great talks by Lighthouse. There are several  for free and then all the others can be purchased for a small charge. To get the free talk, click on the icon that looks like a lock at the bottom right of the home screen. Enter promo code 1380 and it will let you choose a free talk from Fr. Michael Schmitz or Dr. Scott Hahn.

I know there are many more apps out there just waiting to be discovered. If you've found a good one to help walk and pray, let me know!


  1. Thank you for sharing this app in this post! With my busy schedule, I definitely need a few minutes each day to pray and contemplate. I would love to try this app and make it my morning routine to listen to it.

  2. This is great~ thanks Julie :) I love Divine Office- they do have an app but you can listen for free on iTunes (podcast) to the daily readings vesper prayers throughout the day. I love it! It have music/song of traditional hymns and other like music. The readings and vesper prayers are about 10-20 minutes each. Which is perfect for walking...

  3. I love Laudate for Morning Prayer and the daily Mass readings, but haven't listened to the podcasts. Thanks for the tips about the Lighthouse Media app, too!

  4. I love this app. Sometimes I need more centering when doing my Rosary and will read the meditations before each decade. I also find it helpful to read the readings of the day from anywhere I am since I always have my phone with me. I don't always remember when I am lector and will read them the night before Mass.