Tuesday, July 2, 2013

One cause of the current same-sex "marriage" crisis (and how to fix it)

Guest post by Matt Warner
Founder of Flocknote
and Author of daily Flocknote: Read the Catechism in a Year

Hey catechism fans - I'm both saddened and energized. 

I'm saddened because recently, as you probably know, the cause for Marriage has taken some blows. But what saddens me most about it is that we could have done more to stop it.

The Church gives us beautiful answers and meaningful explanations for the truth about Marriage. But we have been ineffective at articulating them to our peers and at inspiring our children to embrace them (which is understandable - it's hard to do!).

Yet, I am energized. 

I'm energized because it doesn't have to be *that* hard. This crisis is a huge opportunity. But we have to be able to share the genius and beauty of true marriage. And at the same time, we have to make sure that every person, no matter their struggles (homosexual, heterosexual, whatever), knows they belong in the Catholic Church. That God loves them and that the truth about Marriage and sexuality is what will set them free to be who they were made to be. 

If we can't explain this convincingly, we need to learn how. Here is a phenomenal talk (CD or MP3) by Fr. Mike Schmitz on just this topic. Listen to it 10 times. Give it to your friends, family and children to do the same. Let's jump into the public discussion energized and equipped to change hearts. 

Matt Warner

from-love-by-love-for-love.png  "If you struggle with defending the Catholic Church's stance on the issue, this is the talk for you!"

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