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Great Pro-Life Novels for Summer Reading

I am so excited to share with you these fictional novels with pro-life messages. I think there is a real power to a story with real life characters to help better understand all the aspects of being pro-life. These books specifically cover the issues of contraception, natural family planning (NFP), abortion, sterilization, divorce, unplanned pregnancy, infertility and invitro fertilization (IVF) all from a Catholic world view. What makes them so powerful is the characters are people just like us--people who live in our culture and are constantly bombarded with the message of the secular world. 

Presence of My EnemiesPresence of My Enemies by Christopher Gladu

I really, really enjoyed this short novel about a young college girl, Rachel, facing an unplanned pregnancy. The author successfully uses story telling to convey so many truths about a woman's "choice" and the influences surrounding her in America today.

Written from a Catholic world view, Gladu incorporates the powers and principalities, not seen, that are very real and present when life and death decisions are being made. These angles and devils take form as humans and interact with Rachel in the story. His portrayal of the abortion industry is very eye opening. Challenged with incompetent staff, whack doctors and owners who's only goal is to make money, he paints a picture of the reality of these centers who are not truly interesting in helping women in crisis.

A very striking part of the novel to me is part that the communion of saints plays in our lives. Gladu beautiful describes the soul of Rachel's grandmother being forgiven of her past sins and then interceding for her family members from heaven. I could hardly see the words on the page as tears of joy filled my eyes.

I think this book will motivate many to see the battle for Life as a very important struggle that we all need to be involved in. It will encourage those already working at pregnancy centers and walking the picket lines outside abortion clinics. It will, please God, transform the hearts of the those women in troubled or unexpected pregnancies  to see the bigger vision of the amazing plan God has for their life and the life of their unborn child.

This is a book everyone needs to read and share!


The Life I Dreamed by Kari Burke

Just a year ago, Kari Burke published her first novel, The Life I Dreamed. At that time I wrote "I really enjoyed Kari Burke's novel of a 30 something married couple with 4 young children. Burke's descriptions are so realistic and poignant. She shares the daily struggle  but is able to let the reader see the joy that comes from being faithful to one's call to marriage and family life. This is a super pro-life story. In our culture with all the noise of which side is right and wrong, this story shows how one family's actions quietly done speaks loudly." CLICK HERE for complete review.


Fatherless, Motherless, Childless 
A Trilogy of Books by Brian Gail

This past winter and spring, my husband Bob and I both tore through all three of these thick novels by Brian Gail. They were all three books that I literally shirked all my household duties to read. 

Gail uses wonderful real-to-life characters whose stories cover the end of the twentieth century into the present time and then into the future. As these real people struggle with "making it" in America, family relationships, friendships, and faith questions, the reader feels like Maggie, Joe, Fr. Sweeney, and Michael are actual people we know and love.

About Fatherless: An intensely human tour of the great spiritual battles in the US Catholic church during the late 20th century. Brian Gail takes us out into the “trenches” and shows what life was like for Catholics during this critical time. Meticulously researched, brilliantly crafted, Fatherless takes the reader on an unforgettable journey inside Fortune 500 boardrooms and Madison Avenue screening rooms, behind one-way mirrors in America’s heartland and two-way screens in church confessionals, to the very peak of Ireland’s highest mountain and inside the papal dining room of John Paul II in Rome.
Motherless takes the reader on a riveting behind-the-scenes journey around the globe to the boardrooms and laboratories where the architects of The Life Sciences Revolution are preparing Mankind’s Final Solution… and into the confessionals and chanceries where the Church’s response is being challenged.

About Childless: The reader is propelled from Manhattan boardrooms to European capitals to Middle East laboratories to Church chanceries and confessionals. Step into these pages and follow Fr. John Sweeney and the families he serves as they struggle to live their Catholic faith in a world that grows more hostile with every turn of the page. Gail throws back the veil on the architecture of the Life Sciences Revolution and its carefully planned milestones—from the abortifacients pill to in-vitro fertilization to embryonic stem cell testing, and ultimately, to the very door of the Transhumanist project itself.

Rather listen than read?

Great talk by one of the foremost abortionists in the USA and how did a 180 degree turn, became a Catholic and did all he could to help the prolife movement. 
Click HERE to hear the amazing talk by Dr. Bernard Nathanson, available on CD or MP3.

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