Monday, February 18, 2013

Adoration Radio now live on the internet

 Excited to let you know that my friend Mary Graham at Culture of Life Media, has started a new internet radio station, Adoration Radio. Adoration Radio plays contemporary music dedicated to the glory of God~ 24 hours a day.

Culture of Life Media is a grass roots effort to battle the culture of death in our society. Tune in and learn how you can become a solder for Christ. CLM is a response the call of the New Evangelization. The first project for CLM is Adoration Radio. Adoration Radio is a new music format that will serve as a:
  • foundation for prayer
  • marketing tool for Catholic musicians
  • communications tool for local churches, diocese and communities
  • syndicated music format for AM and FM radio stations
Tune in while you are at your desk or access through your phone!

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