Sunday, January 6, 2013

In Conversation with God by Francis Fernandez

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One of the best books I have found to assist in daily prayer is In Conversation with God. It is actually a series of 7 volumes, each covering a season or feasts of the liturgical year. The daily reading follows the readings from the mass. Francis Fernandez has written these books using quite a bit of the writings of St. Jose Maria Escriva, Blessed Pope John Paul II and many other popes and saints of the Catholic church.

Since Lent begins Ash Wednesday, February 13, I wanted to give you a heads up, so that you could order the Lenten and Easter Volume and receive it in plenty of time. Just click on the above links for the kindle or hard copy edition or CLICK HERE


  1. I know this entry is old by now, but I saw it, and I just had to comment!

    I love In Conversation with God! But there's something I'm curious about. For some days there's more than one meditation. For example, the Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul has a meditation on St. Peter and another on St. Paul. The Feast of Sts. Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael offers 3 meditations -- one for each archangel. The Feasts of the Presentation and Sacred Heart, respectively, also have 2 meditations instead of just one. So what do you do when there's more than one? Fit both (or, in the case of the Feast of the Archangels, all 3) in on the same day? Do one of the meditations one year and the other one the next year? Something else entirely?

    1. I believe your question pertains to Vol 7 of the series which is a compilation of Meditations on Special Feasts from July-December.

      To begin with, Vol 1-5 of In Conversation with God cover the liturgical year with the daily mass readings. Vol 6 & 7 cover special feast days and are an "add on" in some regards.

      So it all depends on how much time you have. I usually start with the daily reading from Vol 1-5 since I attend daily mass and it will generally correspond to the daily readings. If I can grab 15 extra minutes later in the day (and can find Vol 6 or 7) I will also read the special feast mediation.

      Please note, there is not a special feast for every day of the year. So in your example, for Sept 29 there are 3 meditations one for each: St Gabriel, St. Michael and St. Raphael. After that it jumps to Oct 2 for the Feast of the Guardian Angels, then to Oct 4 for the Feast of St Francis of Assisi.

      As a wife and mother with limited time for formal prayer, just do the best you can and always pray first the Holy Spirit to give you the fullness of whatever meditation you end up reading.

      God Bless You!