Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A striking meeting on an exit ramp of I-275

Guest post by Louise Barrett

Our bereavement ministry at St. Raphael Catholic Church sometimes extends to people who are not parishioners for one reason or another.
Louise Stock
Louise Stock
September 8th, our associate pastor, Fr. Dominic Corona, officiated at a prayer service for an 86 year old woman named Louise Stock. Louise had been a member of Holy Cross Catholic Church in St. Petersburg, and worked at St. Mary Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church in downtown St. Petersburg, with of the late Monsignor John McNulty who was diocesan director of Pro-Life Activity for years.  I was privileged to be at the funeral, representing all of the pro-life community who are grateful for Louise Stock's life and dedicated to the unborn.
During her lifetime, we do not know how many children, (both those aborted, and those who were able to survive a crisis pregnancy when their families opted for life), benefited from her loving heart, prayers and tireless service.
Mrs. Stock's funeral cortege, heading northbound on I-275, exited the Bryan Dairy/ 118th Av. Road about 10:30 AM, and stopped at a traffic blockade while President Obama, heading Southbound on I-275, exited the Bryan Dairy/ 118th Av.  at approximately 10:40 AM.
Mrs. Stock's hearse, containing the coffin of our valiant pro life woman, waited on a ramp road overlooking the presidential route.
I prayed for our President, as he drove by, that he, too, one day would protect innocent life from the moment of conception; that he would one day be a pro-life hero for his beautiful daughters and future grandchildren.
At this moment, surely planned by God,  two people passed one another at a busy highway intersection. One is internationally famous and one lived a mostly hidden life, known only by God, her family and friends. At this moment, Louise Stock stood witness to the unborn for her final time here on earth.
 As if there was any question, Louise is buried feet away from the monument at Calvary Cemetery dedicated to the Holy Innocents- the ones who have died through abortion.

Louise Barrett
Allen & Louise Barrett
Louise Barrett is a committed Catholic who always shows the love of Jesus to people she meets. She is a wife and mother of 4, a pro-life activist, a bereavement ministry member, a catechist, a nursing home ministry head and a  parishioner at St. Raphael Catholic Church, St. Petersburg, FL.

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