Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My own theme song

As my friends and family already know, I LOVE Chick Fil A. Ever since David Neely opened the Fourth Street Restaurant in St. Petersburg, I have been a "regular." I know all the staff by name, my kids grew up on their playground. I have used Chick Fil A as a reward  "hey kids, anyone who goes to 8 am mass with me tomorrow gets Chick Fil A breakfast!"
I crave the chickin' minis. I joke that the ice tea must have crack cocaine in it because I am addicted to it and want it all the time and often buy it by the gallon.
There has been much written and discussed about Chick Fil A Appreciation Day August 1st. It was great to see so much support not only for traditional marriage, but for the local business owners who make good chicken and have great restaurants.
But when it is all said and done, I am so happy that I now have my own theme song.  Ok, this cool guy Tim Hawkins wrote it and sang it, but it is from my heart. Hope you laugh as you watch this.
And believe me, I could eat there seven times a day.

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