Thursday, August 2, 2012

College Move, Midnight Vomit and Becoming my Mother

College Move
photo.JPGMonday we drove a truck to Tallahassee to help our oldest son, Bobby move from a rental house to an apartment. At the rental house, one of his housemates had brought the majority of the furniture and kitchen appliances, so last year's move-in was relatively easy.

photo.JPGThis year our second son, John, will be starting college at FSU with Bobby and they will share an apartment. So now it's all Musselman-meaning the boys need everything- and it's all coming from our family's resources. We have been completely blessed in finding free and cheap stuff and so Sunday we gathered it all up and got the move started for the August 1 deadline.

photo.JPGAs we unloaded, unpacked, cleaned up, set up and got the apartment looking great, I suddenly remembered how many times my mom had helped me in moving and other physical labor. It would be impossible to count all of my dishes she washed, my laundry she folded, my furniture she moved and arranged, my cupboards she cleaned out and even the back yard grass she helped plant at our first home. And now here I am doing some of the same.

How blessed I am to carry on in her footsteps!

Midnight Vomit
Then as we returned from the big move, our 10 year old daughter kept saying her stomach hurt. Yeah, yeah, too many chicken nuggets, right? Wrong. In the middle of the night she knocked on my door and then proceeded to vomit all over the floor, the hallway and the bathroom, UGH! As I got her calmed down and was cleaning up the mess, again, I thought of my mother. How many midnight messes did she clean up? I looked at the clock, and it said 4:17 am, I felt she was definitely "with me in spirit"  because her birthday was April 17 (4/17. ) I lifted my heart in prayer, to her, with her and said "hey thanks Mom! Thanks for being such a great example and for all you did for me! Sorry I probably didn't thank you enough when you actually did these great things for me."

Becoming my mother
A lot of women would be horrified if you said they were just like their mother. But to me, that would be the greatest compliment. She was truly the best mom ever. In many ways I have fallen short of her example.  But this week, God gave me a glimpse that in the college move and midnight vomit, maybe I did have some of her qualities, or was at least growing toward them (be patient with me, I've only been a mother for 20 years :)

God also gave me the grace to see and mark the milestones in our children's lives. In the early days we cheered when they got potty trained and learned to ride a bike. Now we also cheer as they sign their own lease, and arrange for their own power, light, water and cable!

The blessings of motherhood continue, what a great ride!

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  1. Love this story Julie. I hope I am half the mom my mother has been. Her grace and strength are a wonder.