Sunday, May 6, 2012

Picking Blueberries and the Fifth Sunday of Easter

The Musselmans had an amazing outing this weekend. We went to pick blueberries on the Blueribbon Berry Farm in Williston FL. Adults and children alike had a fun afternoon picking dark blue berries right off the bushes. Mr. Wayne, the owner, was there to tell us what to do and bag us up when we were finished. The sun was hot but we had a nice breeze, and plenty of time to reflect on Sunday's gospel when Jesus says "I am the vine you are the branches (John 15)." Unless we stay connected to the vine we will not bear fruit. Mr. Wayne also talked to me about pruning so that next season all 70,000 bushes bear even more fruit. We ate all we could as we picked and when our teeth were blue, we bagged up the berries and went home to bake!
Staying connected to the vine (until picked!)
Berries laid out to cool and dry

Mr. Wayne bagging the berries.
Bob's famous Blueberry Cobbler
And I made Blueberry Muffins!

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