Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Aliens, YOLO and what I learned at my son's high school senior night

IB Senior Celebration is a very special night for the seniors of the International Baccalaureate program of St. Petersburg High School. The night includes dinner with parents, presentation of the IB sash that is worn with their cap and gown on graduation night, speeches, awards and special musical presentations.

All of these year end events are very touching. You get  to see how much your child is learning and has grown and you get to rejoice with them on the milestones they are reaching.

But who knew what a great education I would get tonight?

Mr. Ryan Halstead was the faculty member chosen by the students to give a speech. He applauded the parents for sticking with the kids when they "turned into aliens." That got a good laugh, as most parents find that their sweet little children do seem like aliens at some time during their teen years.

But it was news to me, as honestly, our son John never really did turn into an alien during High School. He has been working hard and making good decisions and he's on a great path going forward to college in August at FSU.

Halstead continued with great advice like "be safe, work hard and make good decisions." He also talked about taking risks and doing new things. And then he said YOLO and everyone laughed, except me. Evidently I am way too old to know 2012 slang. But I did know how to text my teenager to ask what it meant and John told me it is "You Only Live Once." He added that usually YOLO is used after sharing something you did that was really stupid.

But I am going with my own explanation of YOLO. You Only Live Once, so love boldly. You Only Live Once, so make a difference. You Only Live Once, so remember that you don't know it all and learn from your kids. You Only Live Once, so keep your feet on the earth and you eyes on Heaven.

It's our second child to get to the end of high school, and I am learning more each step along the away. 


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  1. As a risk averse person I'm not sure I would use the YOLO logic much :) Beautiful picture although do you realize the devil is standing between you and your son with a really big plastic fork? What is up with that?

    I am inspired by your huge summer reading list. I enjoyed "The Appalling Strangeness..." that you recommended. We are doing a summer "family read" of "The Hobbit" in anticipation of the fall movie release. My progress is slow!