Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Calendars, Appointments and taking off the rear view mirror

My granny, Sarahmae Mergler, always had a calendar on her desk in the back room of  42 West Siebenthaler Ave. She was a mother of 5 daughters and a son. She was a teacher before she retired and always had some neat pens and markers on her desk as well. The calendar was always dead center of the blotter on her desk. And we knew we could use the fun markers, but don't touch the calendar.

My mom, Jean Kavanaugh, lived by the calendar. She even would schedule out meals for the whole week. And if Monday said meatloaf, that was FOR SURE what would be served that night.

And so, it is that I too use a calendar, day to day and usually hour to hour. Raising six children and working part time and running a household has a lot of details to be managed. For the last 20 years or so, I have always used a paper, month at a time calendar. And when the year is up, I have saved them in my desk at our Propeller shop, where I work.

About a year ago, I went to a Google calendar on my phone and computer desktop. It beeps a reminder at every appointment. It keeps me on track for all the balls I am juggling. It is how I live now.

Yesterday, cleaning out my desk at work, I found calendars from my early working days at Arthur Andersen, calendars from the mid 1990s when the oldest children were young and I had to arrange babysitters. Calendars up til 2010 that made sure I arrived on time, with the right kids on the right day for the right events.

I think I kept all them partially to show that what I was doing was important, that it had value, that it counted for something. Also, they represented memories of trips we took, parties we hosted and ordinary life- a beautiful, ordinary life.

Then suddenly, I threw them all out. I think in a way I was saying to myself "take off the rear view mirror." Don't look back, but look to the future. The last, for which the first was made.

Trying to declutter, and detach. It is Lent after all. As Christians we know that every day is a "gift" from God, that is why we call it the "present." His mercies are new every morning. Let's resolve today and each day, to live today and only today. Remember the past and look forward to the glorious future God has awaiting for us. And set your Google calendar to beep each day to remind you to pray and thank God for all the time He has given us.

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  1. Beautiful posting Julie. Thank you so much for sharing this. Valuable advice for each of us.

    Blessings :)