Saturday, February 18, 2012

Magnetic Christianity by Gus Lloyd

A great new book hit the market this week, Magnetic Christianity; Using your God-Given Gifts to Build the Kingdom written by a friend of ours, Gus Lloyd.

From the book cover:

"The harvest is abundant but the laborers are few; so ask the master of the harvest to send out laborers for his harvest." Luke 10:2

Those words spoken by Jesus nearly 2000 years ago ring even more true today. Christianity is becoming less and less relevant in people's lives. As our nation and our world fall away from the practice of the Christian faith, society continues its slide into a moral abyss. As a Christian, you can be a part of the problem by sitting on the sideline complaining, or you can be part of the solution by helping others to know Christ and building up the Kingdom of God. It's your choice!

In Magnetic Christianity, you'll learn about the eleven attributes of a Magnetic Christian. These attributes, all clearly found in Scripture, are already part of who you are. God has built them into you. Magnetic Christianity will help you identify and enhance these attributes. As you grow in faith and holiness, people will naturally be attracted to you, and to Christ. You'll learn how to naturally and easily share your faith through the practice of these attributes of a Magnetic Christian:

* Positivity
* Enthusiasm
* Friendliness
* Confidence
* Humility
* Honesty
* Kindness
* Compassion
* Approachability
* Generosity
* Encouragement

Gus Lloyd is a native son here in the Tampa Bay area. He was the morning show host on WBVM's Spirit FM 90.5, the Catholic radio station of the diocese of St. Petersburg for many years. Then when the Archdiocese of New York created Sirius Radio channel 129, The Catholic Channel, Gus was called up.  If you have ever heard Gus on the Seize the Day Morning show , you will love this book. It is pure Gus! All the enthusiasm and excitement he conveys daily on this national radio show comes pouring through.

In each chapter, Gus gives great personal examples of how these attributes are lived out and easy ways we can grow in the attributes that may not come naturally to us. You can read the book front to back, or go directly to a specific attribute, contained in a chapter and gain a lot just from a quick read. To my delight, I was privileged to be able to help with the editing on this book.

Definitely get this book for yourself and a friend.

For the kindle edition of the book:

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