Sunday, January 22, 2012

St. Vincent Pallotti

St. Vincent Pallotti
Not the goods of the world, but God. 
Not riches, but God. 
Not honors, but God. 
Not distinction, but God. 
Not dignities, but God. 
Not advancement, but God. 
God always and in everything.
– St. Vincent Pallotti

One of the incorruptibles, St. Vincenzo Pallotti lived from 1795 to 1850 in Rome, Italy. His followers are the Pallottines, (Pious Society of Missions) still operating internationally today. They follow his motto, "The love of Christ impels us" (Caritas Christi Urget Nos).

Serving as a priest in Rome, St Vincent had a new idea of involving the laity to help in serving the poor and underprivileged. From that idea, he formed guilds for workers, agricultural schools, loan associations, orphanages and homes for girls. For urban mission work he founded the "Society for Catholic Action." 

A great way to honor the work of this saint is to consider, 'does the love of Christ impel me?' In my homemaking? Working with the children? Volunteering in my community? In my prayer life? Does the love of Christ impel me or am I just active in my own strength? Let us pray for the grace of Christ to fill us, so that truly the Love of Christ is the impetus of all we do.

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