Monday, January 2, 2012

Epiphany House Blessing for January 6th

The Magi, By Henry Siddons Mowbray 1915
Blessing the House 

Epiphany, the twelfth day of Christmas, is a traditional day for the annual house blessing. 

All you need is holy water and chalk. 

Gather the household and assemble at the front door. All make the sign of the cross and the leader with the chalk marks over the front door:
                             20 + C + M + B +12

20 and 12 represent the year 2012 , and the C, M and B represents the Latin blessing CHRISTUS MANSIONEM BENEDICAT (Christ bless this house.) The C, M and B also stand for the names traditionally given to the three Magi; Caspar, Melchior and Balthesar. The crosses represent each season of the year. 

Holy water is sprinkled on the door. Some like to conclude by singing the carol, "We Three Kings." 

Epiphany means "Manifestation." The word Epiphany is used both for the Manifestation of Christ as an infant to the Magi as well as the Baptism of the Lord, where Christ is manifested as the son of God.

For inside fun for the children to color their own version of Mowbray's picture (above) click here.

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