Wednesday, December 14, 2011

John is accepted to FSU

Last night our second son, John, found out he was accepted to Florida State University. Not as of old, when we anxiously awaited a letter in the mail, John was on his cell phone, on the internet waiting for the server to free up so he could access his account. His friends were texting back and forth as they were able to find out if they were accepted. 
The digital age and college applications has been interesting to experience. Much has changed since Bob and I applied to college in 1982 and 83. But more than the application process changing, our home is going to change. As we went to bed, Bob said, can you believe we will have two in college soon? I wept. 
Strength, Skill and Character is the motto of FSU
I know having the children grow up and become successful and productive citizens is the goal, but as a mother it hurts. These truly are my "babies." And letting go is hard. It is especially hard when you really like your kids, not just love them. 
John, pre-school
In my minds' eye, John and his older brother Bobby are about 5 and 3 years old. Smiling, happy, pushing Tonka trucks around the circle of our house and building Brio trains. "It went so fast" I said to Bob last night, and he said, "No it didn't." "It's been twenty years, Julie."

We don't know if John will go to FSU. He was also accepted to USF and has applied to UF too. But we know he will go somewhere. And it will be mostly likely out of town. And so we pray, that John, Bobby and all the younger children will continue to grow in wisdom and grace and that I will get better at letting go.

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