Thursday, December 29, 2011

Florida State vs Notre Dame, the House Divided

Today began at 10:45 am with the Notre Dame fight song blaring into the teenagers' rooms. Bob got out the old "Wake up the Echos" VHS tape that he and his roommates watched a million times back in the 80s while students at ND. The kids couldn't understand why we had to wait for it to "rewind."

Bobby, home for the holidays from FSU was happy to get up and get ready to leave for the game. His girlfriend, Jen, got a bunch of tickets to the bowl game and so Bobby and Jen, in FSU garb were in high spirits to drive to Orlando for the game.

John chose a Notre Dame jersey to side with Bob and thus~ the house divided.

Excellent game watching food, homemade soft preztels to compliment the chicken wings!
During the game, with Bob at home in St. Pete and the kids in Orlando, there were plenty of smack talk texts back and forth (can't reprint those.)

ND had the lead, but FSU pulled it out to win. Can't image the smack talk once the kids get home....

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