Monday, November 7, 2011

Marie Bellet, a Catholic singer, songwriter, wife, and mother

What great encouragement for Moms! 

I first heard of Marie Bellet maybe 10 years ago, probably between our fourth and fifth children. At that time, our family had "crossed the line" and become a "big family." Marie and her husband Bill had a bigger family and loved it. Her first CD "What I Wanted to Say" had songs about the difference a mother can make, the ability to do nothing without God, and the heroic virtues developed in a family. I played that CD over and over and over again and found so much inspiration and encouragement. 

Through the years, she released 3 more CDs. A week or two ago, I found my copy of the fourth CD "A New Springtime." It brought back so many happy memories of the years when it first came out, but again brought encouragement for today as well.

Then I heard she had just released her 5th CD, "Everything Changes." Here's how she describes the CD "This is not Marriage and Family 101 anymore! A few years further along, these songs reflect the changes wrought by launching kids out into the culture wars, learning not to take troubles personally, rolling with reality and resting in the rhythm of perseverance. Authentic and organic, this collection is an essential companion for those beginning to suspect that, in this grand adventure, everything changes."

Well, I was not prepared for the emotional state this put me in. It traced so many of the changes that our family has gone through. Their oldest son is off to the Army, our oldest off to college. Both our "babies" are now in school and Marie and I have both noticed a few more wrinkles. From the title track the words jumped out at me about how when the kids are little we put them in car seats and make them wear helmets and now they are going hunting and using power tools! But as she concludes "Your rhythm and rhyme has it's own perfect time and everything changes" I knew that all things were in God's plans.

Get her CDs for yourself and for any Mom, but especially Moms with Young Children, who are open to life and trying to live our beautiful Catholic Faith. 

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