Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Catholic School Graduation Tribute

Our third son, Joey, graduated from 8th grade this June from our parish school. The graduation ceremony was a beautiful mass followed by awards and tributes. Many students were honored, many faculty, priests and staffed thanked. Perhaps the most touching moment of the evening was when the 8th grade girls performed a song they had composed, titled "I Can See."

Throughout the year, the girls had all been in the school mass choir, directed by the wonderful "Miss Becky" Wahlberg. Last fall, when Becky gave birth to her second son, the 8th graders were able to lead the choir for the couple of masses that she missed, both in keyboard and song. They all grew in musical ability but more so in mutual love during this school year.

This April, on Good Friday, Becky and her husband Bert found out their baby, Gabe is blind. 

The 8th grade girls wrote this song, "I Can See" performed on the YouTube video below,  as a tribute and thank you to Miss Becky, but moreover as a testament of the hope that our Catholic faith gives us that we all can be truly transformed by God's grace in the sacraments and thereby see with our hearts.

Video by Louise Barrett, Polly Anna Digital Productions

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