Monday, June 6, 2011

This is my first Facebook birthday

My six year old icing my cake!
My phone beeped at 7 am this morning and has been beeping off and on all day with Facebook messages.

How amazing to hear from so many old and new friends. Facebook makes it so easy to stay in touch and to reach out to people we would never buy a card for, find a stamp and put in the US Mail.

I am so grateful to so many people who have been part of my life journey. Some going back to St. Albert Grade School, Alter High School, University of Dayton, early work career in Cincinnati and all my Florida friends! Each of you have blessed me. You all have shared the ups and downs and made each day a little brighter.

Life is a gift from God and all the wonderful people He puts in our path are the wrappings on the gift!
God Bless you all and Celebrate Life!

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