Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day--Guest Entry by Bob Musselman

My Father's Day gift came early last week.  My oldest boys made me proud.

Long story short, we were given a faded yellow Kawasaki Jet Ski last year, the only problem being that it didn't run and it was located on a dock across the county.  There was no good way to get it on a trailer at the dock, so the only option was to put our Waverunner in the water at a  nearby ramp, tow the dead ski back to the ramp, and load both up on separate trailers.

This project I had been putting off until we were given the ultimatum to either get it gone or give it up.  I was ready to give it up when Bobby, 19, and John, 17, said they'd handle it.
Really?  Figure out the logistics of moving and towing and loading and trailering?  They wanted to get the old ski running, and said they'd figure it out.  Aside from advising against doing it on a weekend (busy ramp and waterways) and safely rigging the trailers and tow vehicles, I turned it over to them.

When I came home from work last Wednesday night there was a dead yellow ski in the driveway with parts strewn around and John stretched out underneath it.  And the next day I got the attached video via iphone.  The darn thing was running.  Tomorrow it gets a sea trial.
I think those boys might be learning something.  


  1. What a great story, Bob!!! Doesn't it do your heart good when your kids help out like that? We are blessed!!!

  2. that was a great Father's Day :)