Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day--Guest Entry by Bob Musselman

My Father's Day gift came early last week.  My oldest boys made me proud.

Long story short, we were given a faded yellow Kawasaki Jet Ski last year, the only problem being that it didn't run and it was located on a dock across the county.  There was no good way to get it on a trailer at the dock, so the only option was to put our Waverunner in the water at a  nearby ramp, tow the dead ski back to the ramp, and load both up on separate trailers.

This project I had been putting off until we were given the ultimatum to either get it gone or give it up.  I was ready to give it up when Bobby, 19, and John, 17, said they'd handle it.
Really?  Figure out the logistics of moving and towing and loading and trailering?  They wanted to get the old ski running, and said they'd figure it out.  Aside from advising against doing it on a weekend (busy ramp and waterways) and safely rigging the trailers and tow vehicles, I turned it over to them.

When I came home from work last Wednesday night there was a dead yellow ski in the driveway with parts strewn around and John stretched out underneath it.  And the next day I got the attached video via iphone.  The darn thing was running.  Tomorrow it gets a sea trial.
I think those boys might be learning something.  

Friday, June 10, 2011

Last day of School exhortation~ Cry the Gospel with your Life!

 Today is the final day of school. Our youngest three children finished the year with Mass and awards this morning. Our children's Praise Band at St. Raphael sang the Tom Booth song "Cry the Gospel with your Life." I really can't sing the song all the way through without tears. To me it encapsulates all that we should be. It is a fitting exhortation for the summer, and for the rest of our lives, children and adults.

Blessed Charles de Foucauld
When I googled the name of the song, a write up of Blessed Charles de Foucauld came up. Prehaps he originally coined the phrase to describe his philosophy of life after a 180 degree transformation.
"Our entire existence and being should shout the Gospel from the rooftops. Our entire person should breathe Jesus. All our actions and our entire life should proclaim that we belong to Jesus." -Blessed Charles de Foucauld
Take a minute and listen to this amazing and inspiring song and renew your commitment to Christ and His Church.

Cry the Gospel with your Life lyrics by Tom Booth:

1. You are the light of the world,
you are the light of the world.
Shine for all to see,
so in the Father they'll believe.
You are the Light of the world.

2. You are the salt of the earth,
you are the salt of the earth,
bringing mercy and peace
to every person that you meet.
You are the salt of the earth.
(Say not that you are too young.)
We are holy we are strong!
(With purity and love and faith,)
Proclaiming Christ today!

Be holy. The Lord be glorified!
Be holy, cry the gospel with your life!

Standing at the gateway of our faith,
on the rock of Peter and the saints,
with the Holy Spirit showing us the way
to be holy, and cry the gospel,
cry the gospel with your life!

3. Lord, we come to do your will.
Yes, Lord, we come to do your will.
Not only in our words,
but in our living it is heard:
Lord, we come to do your will.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Feast of St. Ephrem, Doctor of the Church

Poet, teacher, orator and defender of the faith, Ephrem is the only Syrian recognized as a doctor of the Church. He took upon himself the special task of opposing the many false doctrines rampant at his time, always remaining a true and forceful defender of the Catholic Church.

He had a prolific pen and his writings best illumine his holiness. Although he was not a man of great scholarship, his works reflect deep insight and knowledge of the Scriptures. In writing about the mysteries of humanity's redemption, Ephrem reveals a realistic and humanly sympathetic spirit and a great devotion to the humanity of Jesus. It is said that his poetic account of the Last Judgment inspired Dante.

It is surprising to read that he wrote hymns against the heretics of his day. He would take the popular songs of the heretical groups and, using their melodies, compose beautiful hymns embodying orthodox doctrine. Ephrem became one of the first to introduce song into the Church's public worship as a means of instruction for the faithful. His many hymns have earned him the title "Harp of the Holy Spirit."
He preferred a simple, austere life, living in a small cave overlooking the city of Edessa. It was here he died around 373.

From AmericanCatholic,org "Saint of the Day"

Virtues are formed by prayer. 
Prayer preserves temperance. 
Prayer suppresses anger. 
Prayer prevents emotions of pride and envy. 
Prayer draws into the soul the Holy Spirit, and raises man to Heaven.

– St. Ephrem of Syria

Lay me not with sweet spices,
For this honor avails me not,
Nor yet use incense and perfumes,
For the honor befits me not.
Burn yet the incense in the holy place;
As for me, escort me only with your prayers,
Give ye your incense to God,
And over me send up hymns.
Instead of perfumes and spices,
Be mindful of me in your intercessions.
(From The Testament of St. Ephrem)

Monday, June 6, 2011

This is my first Facebook birthday

My six year old icing my cake!
My phone beeped at 7 am this morning and has been beeping off and on all day with Facebook messages.

How amazing to hear from so many old and new friends. Facebook makes it so easy to stay in touch and to reach out to people we would never buy a card for, find a stamp and put in the US Mail.

I am so grateful to so many people who have been part of my life journey. Some going back to St. Albert Grade School, Alter High School, University of Dayton, early work career in Cincinnati and all my Florida friends! Each of you have blessed me. You all have shared the ups and downs and made each day a little brighter.

Life is a gift from God and all the wonderful people He puts in our path are the wrappings on the gift!
God Bless you all and Celebrate Life!