Saturday, May 21, 2011

Becoming my mother

I was squeezing the last bit of moisturizer out of the bottle yesterday when it finally became empty. I was about to toss the bottle in the trash when I remembered that my mother used to take the top off and turn it upside down and let it drain completely empty. I smiled as I got a ramkin out of the kitchen to put my up-side-down moisturizer in. "Waste not, want not" I could hear her say in her cheery way.

Then I thought, wow, I am becoming more like my mother!

Now many of you women readers may be saying "oh please, don't tell me I am getting like my mother!" Ok, well maybe you aren't. But many of us are, and if we aren't now, we certainly get closer to becoming like our mother the longer we live. I can only hope this is true for me. I had the best mother in the world. To be even a smidgen like her would be a great gift.
My beautiful mother

So, I am going to continue turning my almost empty bottle up-side-down (works really well with ketchup) and  "policing the yard" (see blog post November 27, 2010) and trying to smile all the time (how did she do that?) so that in fact I can remember my mom, honor her memory and become more like her.

During this beautiful month of May, we do well to likewise imitate our Heavenly Mother, Mary. She who was conceived without sin and followed the will of God in every way is the best one to imitate. We can also ask her intercession to help us become the women we are called to be.

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  1. I think she used to cut the bottle in half to get ALL of the contents completely out. I did this about a month ago and just finally threw away the bottle when it was totally empty. I too am proud to be like our mother!!