Friday, May 6, 2011

1970s Pepsi Cola crocheted hat helps 2011 X-box Live player

What can you do with a crocheted Pepsi Cola hat from the 1970s? Beyond wearing it to a throw back 1970s party?

This special hat was made with love by my husband's grandmother. The Pepsi Cola pieces are actually the fronts of cans of the soda, cut out and hole punched so that they can be crocheted together in orange, white and red tie-dyed yarn. Many of you lesser astute readers have probably thrown away all of your cola hats from the 70s, but here in our home, we have found a relevant use for this 40 year old hat--helping teenagers to play X-Box Live.

A few months ago, the headset for X-box live was left on a couch and one of our fours sons sat on it and snapped the head piece off. So the microphone still works, but there is no way to keep it on your head....unless, you have a crocheted Pepsi Cola hat to hold the microphone against your head.

And, it is hard to see from this picture below, but you wouldn't want to be limited to just playing a video game AND talking to your opponent with the headset, so of course, you would also be listening to music on your mp3 player with earplug style headphones.

Will the talents of my children ever cease??

Our third son, age 13
So Hat's Off to Grandma Musselman. You are fondly remembered on this Mother's Day weekend.


  1. "Every good gamer needs a hat." Jack Duffy age 12

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