Thursday, April 28, 2011

St. Albert the Great book cover found

Today I came across this old book cover from my grade school St. Albert the Great in Kettering, Ohio. Back in the 1970s, we wrapped all our text books in these book covers to protect the binding and to make the books last longer so that they could be used for several years. The front of the cover says "St. Albert the Great School" and has a picture of an open book with a feather pen in front of it and the dove coming down upon it. I think this is to symbolize the Holy Spirit enlightening study. The middle section that would go on the edge of the book says "St. A   Kettering 29, Ohio." The 29 is part of the zip code, 45429 and is the way mailing addresses were written then.
It is the back cover that impressed me so. As one who attending Catholic schools through college, I have often thought that I didn't really learn my faith until I was an adult. But as I read the back cover it became evident that all the seeds of faith had really been planted long ago. (And many of them took a long time to grow.)

The back cover says:

1. The power of prayer
2. The success of perseverance
3. The pleasure of working
4. The value of time
5. The influence of example
6. The power of kindness
7. The obligation of duty
8. The virtue of patience
9. The worth of character
10. The wisdom of economy
11. The improvement of talent
12. The presence of God

Our school teams were called the Stags. I never realized until years later that the initials of St. Albert the Great was STAG and thus the name of the mascot. Only in the last years have I gotten to learn about the man for whom the school was named, St. Albert Magnus, or St. Albert the Great. He was the teacher of St. Thomas Aquinas and a great saint to have as our patron.

May God richly bless all the teachers, staff, students and families of our school. And may we ALWAYS REMEMBER.

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