Thursday, February 3, 2011

Feast of St. Blaise and blessing of the throats

Francesca McEntegart and baby Dominic get their throats blessed by Fr. Tim Sherwood
Today we celebrate the feast of St. Blaise who died in 316. Not a whole lot is known about his life, but we believe that even as he was on his way to martyrdom, he was so "other centered" that he stopped and healed a boy who was choking. And so to this day, we honor his memory with the blessing of the throats. As Fr. Tim Sherwood pointed out today at mass, the blessing is not like "magic" or a "lucky rabbits foot" but the grace of God coming down into our lives.

Be sure to get your throat blessed today. The time you give our Lord to be at mass and get the blessing, will be a blessing of itself! While we get our throats blessed, let us remember to pray for all those suffering from colds, flu, and other illnesses. Give someone who is home bound a call to day and cheer them up!

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  1. We had a blizzard this year, which we never ever have. Anyway, this is first year in a long time we havenot received our throat blessing.

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