Monday, January 31, 2011

St. John Bosco

Every year the week before St. John Bosco’s feast I read a book about his life to the kids. The book we’ve enjoyed for several years now is Saint for the Young; The Story of St. John Bosco by Sr. Elizabeth Schmidt, FMA, published by Don Bosco Publications. At 34 pages it is just the right length to give more than an overview and share some of the great stories of the saints early life, priesthood and founding of the Salesian order.

Saint John Bosco is one of many saints that helped others become saints. St. Dominic Savio was one of “Don Bosco’s boys.” He came to the oratory that Don Bosco founded and learned a trade along with his faith. He died at age 15 and was canonized shortly thereafter.  Both St. John Bosco and St. Dominic Savio are patrons of youth. Today let us ask their intercession for all children especially orphans.


  1. I just found you on the Stblog parish list. Have you seen the movie about St. John Bosco by Ignatius Press? I fell in love with this Saint after watching the movie on him. In Italian but just a beautiful and informative portrayal.

  2. Yes, Loved that movie. We were blessed to have his relics come to the Cathedral of St Jude in St. Petersburg last fall.

    All the Ignatius Press movies are great. Did you know they do Night at the Movies fundraisers? Contact me if you are interested.