Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Born with a dish rag in her hand

My friend Bernadette Bailey says that her husband Mac used to say "Bernadette, you were born with a dish rag in your hand." She keeps a tidy house, that is for sure. My house is not so tidy, but the kitchen does get cleaned several times a day due to the constant eating of our growing children.

Several years ago, as I was wiping down my counter, I decided to take this never-ending job and offer it up. I even decided to offer it up specifically for the conversion of a specific friend of mine. Over the years a lot of "Hail Mary's" have been said. And as they have been said, the job I dislike gets offered up. It is now a habit to pray as I wipe. So the time has been transformed for me.

Kimberly Hahn shares a household prayer tip that I have also adopted. Her mother told her that as she does the wash or ironing, to pray specifically for the husband or child whose clothes she handles. Pray that this shirt clothes them for success during an important meeting or that these pants keep them warm as they do their school work. Me, I pray that the child who threw these stinky football socks, rolled up in a ball or inside-out, marries a very loving person that can put up with this!

So what job do you dislike? How can you offer it up and for whom?

I will keep you posted on my friend. No sign right now of her conversion...but I have great faith and lots of dirty counter tops!

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  1. I had an incident in the post office in early December I was second in line; the clerk was dealing with a man & woman whose first language was not English; she was struggling to understand their issues of a money order and a lost receipt. When they finally finished & I approached the counter, the clerk said under her breath, but loud enough for me to hear, "O Lord, help me." I said to her: "Ive been standing back there praying the Hail Mary for you." She smiled & said "thanks." I told her I'd pray for her patience during the Christmas season, bought my Madonna Nativity stamps & went on to other errands. When I'm in line at Publix or USPS, I have a habit of praying a Hail Mary for every one in line ahead of me. Keeps me calm & hopefully sends blessings to others.