Sunday, January 16, 2011

An Almighty List of Expectations

Fr. David Toups
The St. Petersburg Times had a great write up today on Fr. David Toups, pastor of Christ the King Catholic Church in Tampa, FL. The article written by John Barry talked about the enormous responsibility Fr. Toups and all parish priests have packed into a 24/7 work week.

The article expressed that Fr. Toups is a man committed to prayer, mass, and liturgy of the hours.Through this "going deeper" Toups is able to meet the needs of his large parish of approximately 4,000 families.

Fr. Toups is not afraid to be a Father to his parish. Back in November he published his top ten list of "table manners" - which apply to us at the Table of the Lord. See full description and comments at Fr. Toups'  Blog.

1) RSVP.
2) Dress appropriately.
3) Wash up.
4) Arrive on time.
5) Greet the Host..
6) Don't spoil your supper.
7) Eat politely. .
8) Speak when spoken to.
9) Never leave the table until you are excused.
10) Say "thank you."

I have the great privilege of knowing Fr. Toups and many great priests the Diocese of St. Petersburg. Like Our Lord Jesus, these men lay down their lives for us, their sheep. Let us pray for all our priests today and support them in every way we can.

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St. Pete Times complete article

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