Saturday, December 25, 2010

Musselman Christmas Letter 2010

One went to college.  One went to kindergarten.

That’s the way it was around the Musselman house in 2010.  A year of changes, but familiar feelings that seemed like déjà vu all over again.  Though the first day of kindergarten, and opening day at Little League, sure feel different when you’re 46, not 33.

Bobby, 19, went off to Florida State University, majoring in Chemical Sciences (I think).  We haven’t heard much, but assume he’s doing ok—if you hear from him, let us know what he says.  Over Christmas we hope to get caught up.

Kate, 6, started kindergarten.  She’s a real girly girl, much to Julie’s chagrin and secret pleasure.  Mary, almost 9, is in third grade.  She likes to get up early—like —and walk with Julie.  It’s a chance for her to get some precious alone time with her mother—“Mommy, can we skip the Rosary and just talk?”

John, 16 and a junior, continues to be our family’s maintenance man along with getting good grades in the challenging IB program at St. Petersburg High, being active in service clubs and lettering in golf.  He’s also an excellent cook—his Alfredo sauce is awesome.

Joey, 13, is in eighth grade and blessed with a big social network and a million dollar smile.  He’s getting tall like his older brothers and hopes to graduate from flag football to high school football next year.

Will, 11, speaking of football, is the biggest kid in fifth grade, but his love is baseball.  He rooted the Tampa Bay Rays all the way to the playoffs this year and anchors his little league team at first base.

It’s been a blessed year, in that we’ve gotten through it.  All the good mentioned above, and much more in our hearts, trumps all the bad and ugly of 2010.  We’re looking forward to the joys and sorrows of 2011 and beyond, with faith and trust that God will give us the grace to handle anything that comes our way.

A blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family.
Bob Musselman
Julie, Bobby, John, Joey, Will, Mary and Kate
St. Petersburg, FL

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  1. I loved reading all your Christmas letters... It's amazing how time flies! Love you Julie!