Saturday, November 27, 2010

Policing the yard

My mother came to our house three days a week from 2000-2005 to help me with the children. When she moved to Florida in August 2000, we had four boys age 8 years-10 months. Our daughters were born in 2001 and 2004. To say she was an enormous help to our family is an understatement.

Each day, she would come about 7:30 am. Many times I would still be in bed. Mom had been up since 5am, walked, prayed the rosary with dad, showered, etc and walked in our door full of joy and energy. I would do my best to crawl out of bed. Mom would get the boys to start gathering trash and laundry. Then she would get them breakfast, clean the kitchen and then it was time to "police the yard." Policing the yard means waking around and doing anything that needs to be done; picking up sticks, moving the trash cans, pulling weeds, cleaning up toys around the pool etc.

The boys would generally groan when Nana would say in her cheery voice "come on boys, time to police the yard." But she made it fun and they loved to be with her.

Kate, age 6 and Mary, age 8-1/2, "policing the yard"
Today Mary, age 8, was helping me pick up sticks from around the yard. When we came in the house she told the boys we had "policed the yard." I hadn't thought of that phrase in several years. But I am glad she said it and even more glad she did it!

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