Friday, November 19, 2010

"Drain Me of Me" by Gus Lloyd

I got a chance to  read through a great blog today and this prayer really hit me. It is similar to the humility prayer. Hope it blesses you on your walk with the Lord today. 

Drain Me of Me

By Gus Lloyd

Father, I am so full of myself.
I know that if I truly wish to serve you,
If I truly wish to share your word and your love,
This must not be the way.
And so today, Father, I ask you:
Drain me of me
Of all the self-inflated ego
Drain me
Of all the harsh judgement that comes so easily
Drain me
Of all jealousy and resentment
Drain me
Of all the desire for attention and adulation
Drain me
Of all attachment to the flesh
Drain me
Of all that is not of you
Drain me
And when I am emptied, unencumbered by
The stuff and nonsense of the world,
No longer weighed down by the heaviness
And burdens put upon me by myself
Or the dark forces of the evil one
Fill me with your Spirit,
For your Spirit has no chains,
Your Spirit recognizes no boundaries,
Your Spirit is lightness and light,
Your Spirit allows me to soar
As on eagle’s wings.
And so, Father, right now, this moment
I give you permission to
Drain me of me,
That I may be more like you
Through your Son, Jesus Christ
In the power of the Holy Spirit.

November 11th, 2010 Posted in Reflections

Gus Lloyd is the radio host of the morning show "Seize the Day" on the Catholic Channel, Sirius 159 and XM 117. Visit for more about Gus.

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