Sunday, October 3, 2010

St.Theodore Guerin

My grandparents in the 1960s.
As a child, my parents always told me with pride, that my paternal grandmother and great aunt both attended St. Mary of the Wood's College in St. Mary of the Woods, IN. It was quite unusual that these two young women, my grandmother, Virginia and her sister, Frances attended college in the 1930s. Unusual first of all because they were women, and secondly because it was during the depression.
Today we celebrate the foundress of that college and of other schools in Indiana, St. Theodore Guerin. Mother Guerin was born in France in 1798. She had a strong mind, but suffered from ill health for most of her life. She helped the sick and poor of France, left destitute from the French Revolution until 1840 when she was called to become a missionary to the United States.

Mother Theodore once told her sisters "Have confidence in the Providence that so far has never failed us. The way is not yet clear. Grope along slowly. Do not press matters; be patient, be trustful."

I highly recommend a book about her by Mary K. Doyle titled The Eighth American Saint: The Story of Saint Mother Theodore Guerin, Foundress of the Sisters of Providence of Saint Mary-Of-The-Woods, Indiana

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  1. This was a really interesting book about a wonderful saint and some of the early history of Indiana. Hearing about all the hardships Mother Guerin, her sisters and all those early religious endured were enough to make me feel like a major wimp. Would I endure as much for our Lord??? It definitely inspired me to try harder in my journey of faith.