Sunday, September 26, 2010

Starch and the Saints

Every Monday night I iron 5 shirts for my husband for work. The job takes about 1/2 hour. Living in Florida, almost everything we wear does not require ironing, but the work shirts do. So I have a regular weekly gig. I actually don't mind ironing, it is genetic. My mother loved to iron because she loved the crisp, clean look clothing has after it has been ironed. I like it because it stays done for a week, unlike the kitchen which is dirty every 30 minutes.

Generally on Monday nights I listen to a National call of account managers for Lighthouse Catholic Media. Every week the call contains a spiritual uplifting message, prayer, success stories in evangelization and other news and updates from people all over the country. I even get weather updates from my friend Jen in North Dakota.

The  dresser top where I keep the iron, starch and saints.
Last week only 4 shirts were clean, so tonight I had to do number 5. As I ironed in the quiet, many thoughts from all those past calls came to mind. I found myself united to my friends in Lighthouse just by the spray of the starch and the motion of the iron. I think it is like the communion of Saints. They are always there for us. When we enter into the quiet, we can connect.

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