Saturday, September 11, 2010

No Information in the Information Age

Our oldest son just started college three weeks ago. He has a cell phone and a lap top and two different email addresses. I even sent stationery and stamps with him in the case he wanted to hand write a letter. We hear very little from him.

I was excited yesterday when a friend of mine told me that her daughter saw our son on campus. He was going to the gym to swim or work out. A spotting! How exciting!

Another friend said to me "be glad you aren't hearing from him." Our daughter calls all the time crying.
So no news is good news?

For now, we trust that the Lord, Our Lady and all the guardian angels are watching over him. I wish he would call me and tell me everything he is doing and learning and the new friends he is meeting. But he doesn't.
And then my phone beeped with a text "can i use your credit card for dinner?"
I guess he does remember me.

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