Friday, September 3, 2010

Feast of Pope St. Gregory the Great

St. Gregory the Great was a Pope and a Doctor of the Church. He lived from 540-604. One historian writes about him, "It is impossible to conceive what would have been the confusion, the lawlessness, the chaotic state of the Middle Ages without the medieval papacy; and of the medieval papacy, the real father is Gregory the Great."

Throughout out his 64 years Gregory served in a civil position, as a monk, as a papal advisor and lastly as Pope. He was ill throughout most of his pontificate.

Many of us feel that our culture is in a state of confusion and chaos. We can ask the intercessory prayers of this Holy Father.

Because he had a great influence of Church liturgy and music, we still today call the beautiful songs "Gregorian Chant." Down load some Gregorian Chant today and spend some time away from the confusion and chaos in your own life.

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