Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows

Mary, Mary, Mary.

September 8th we celebrated the Nativity of our Lady and  September 12th, the Holy Name of Mary. The entire Month of September honors Our Lady of Sorrows and today we have that memorial.

Today I was completely immersed in thinking of the cross and Our Lady there, at the foot of the cross of Jesus and at the foot of all of our crosses. Surrounding her children with her protective mantle.

I got several chances to experience sorrow today. I was berated by a customer at work. I heard of the death of our son's golf coach's father. I learned of a friend who's marriage is falling apart. I talked to an old friend who's teenager daughters are in big trouble with drugs.

And because of this memorial today, I had the privilege of seeing all these things through the eyes of Jesus and through the eyes of His mother, Our Lady of Sorrows. I was able to consider how much Our Lady suffered watching her son go through the end of His Life and yet how she stayed there with Him through it all. I was able to better sympathize with all the sufferings of my friends. I was able to catch the heavenly reality that by all this suffering, when united to Christ we are able to participate in redeeming the world.

And I got a reality check, that my problems are not so big. It made me look at the many blessings I have received and experience the Joy of walking with Jesus, Mary, and all the saints!

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