Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wrapping up August

All my children are back in school. It is a time of change. The long summer days are getting shorter. The clubs and sports activities are starting back up. The laziness of summer has ended.

So how are we going to challenge ourselves for this next season? How can we grow spiritually, physically and emotionally? My first goal is to get back to serving a well rounded dinner that we sit down around the table to eat. I want to try to get some exercise at least twice a week. I have some books stacked up that I plan to read and I am going to try to "contain" my working activities to the hours the children are in school. This will make me available to hear about their school day when they come home at 3. It will give me time to help with homework and get that fabulous dinner going.

I am going to get to weekday mass twice a week and keep on reading In Conversation with God by Francis Fernandez. And since I am now working Monday through Friday, I am keeping part of my drive time reserved for the rosary and Our Lady. I need her guidance and example most of all.

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