Thursday, August 26, 2010

Memorial of St. Monica

St. Monica is a wonderful example of a mother praying for a child. Her son, Augustine, was a very intelligent but naughty boy. He had no interest in sharing her Catholic faith. He had a mistress and a child out of wedlock. He embraced heretical dogmas and lived a pagan life. But Monica prayed. And she prayed and she prayed. And she tried to share her faith with him and lead him to his higher calling.
At the age of 33, Augustine was baptized. At 36, he became a Catholic priest. At 41, he became the Bishop of Hippo and after his death, a cannonized Saint and a doctor of the Church. St. Monica helped bring about St. Augustine's conversion by her example, constant prayer and many tears.
St. Monica, wise wife and mother, pray for us.
My mother always prayed specifically for each of her children on a certain day of the week. Monday was for me, the oldest, Tuesday, my sister Lisa and Wednesday for the youngest, Colleen. She prayed for herself on Thursday and Daddy on Friday. Later as we married and had children she added our whole family to her prayer list. So many Mondays she would call me up and say "I'm praying for you today and for Bob and for the kids and for all the people you work with and for those at your parish." Later she added her own siblings to certain days and prayed for them too.
I have adopted this way of praying for my own children and husband. I really like it because it allows me to praise and thank God for each of these special people He has given to me and to interceed for each in the specific ways they each need.


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